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Avoid Jet Lag Like a Pro January 12 2017

Jet-setting off to a foreign destination for a little escape can be rewarding, yet if you travel far enough across the globe, jet lag can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. And nothing is worse than walking around an exotic destination feeling like one of the undead.

If you haven’t experienced jet lag yet, it can make it hard to get into the swing of things once you reach your destination, causing perpetual fatigue and irregular sleep patterns. To help make your next vacation go smoothly, we’re sharing a few tricks-of-the-trade that can help you beat jet lag, or at the very least, lessen the effects of it so you can get back to vacay(and bikini!)-mode ASAP.

Prep Up

Beat jet lag before you even depart by modifying your sleep routine before you take off. Headed east? Start going to bed an hour earlier each night for a few days before your departure date. This small step can help your sleep schedule become more regulated during your vacation. Traveling west? Do the opposite by staying up for an extra hour each night for a few days before your trip. You’ll be surprised at how these few extra hours will help make the time difference not quite so jarring to your body.

Flight Plan

Before jumping on your flight you should take into consideration the local time of your destination. Let's say it's daytime where you're headed, and you'll arrive in the evening. You might want to skip any sleep by reading or catching up on movies instead, otherwise, you'll be up all night by the time your plane touches-down! 

Lounge with Lavender

The scent of lavender has long been used for its relaxing aroma that's ultra-versatile in use, making it perfect for globe-trotting. Simply pack a small travel-sized bottle of essential lavender oil in your carry-on, to press lightly onto your fingers, temples, and clavicles, so you can close your eyes and inhale the scent as you drift asleep. Continue the calming effect during your entire trip by adding a few drops onto your pillowcase each night. 

Skip The Cat Naps Abroad

While there’s nothing wrong with taking a good nap, sometimes when traveling it can be best to resist the urge to crawl into bed as soon as you reach your destination. This is especially true after a long international flight. If you really want to beat jet lag, skip the arrival nap! When fatigue hits, keep yourself busy by taking a stroll through town, visiting some local sights, or browsing local galleries and boutiques. You’ll appreciate it later, as your adjusting to the time difference.

Pack PJ’s in Your Carry-on

As you settle in for a long international flight, changing into some casual lounge wear can make it that much easier to fall into a comfortable sleep. You can even skip tight jeans or stiff dress shirts all together by opting to travel in a loose tracksuit (those are back in style again, right?) or soft layers that you can cuddle up with. One of our favorite travel accessories? An oversized and ultra-soft scarf that can be used as a travel blanket and accessory on colder days when abroad.

Embrace the Beach! #PutOnASwimsuit with Economy of Style November 09 2016

Hopefully by now we all know that every body is a beach body, and if you've been following our hashtag #putonaswimsuit along with others like #myswimbody and #weartheswimsuit you know that all it takes is embracing your own body - and bringing it to the beach!

This summer, fashion blogger Economy of Style, aka Pysche Southwell joined our inspiring movement toward embracing your body as-is, and finding the perfect swimsuit to feel your very best! Pysche wore one of our most popular styles, The Ann Plunge Shirred Maillot. This one-piece style features a deeply plunging neckline and shirred wrap torso details that flatter all body shapes, making it the perfect addition to any swimsuit collection. Best of all, it's available in nine different colors. 

retro one piece

Psyche shares the inspiration and motivation behind her successful social presence, that consistently maintains a focus on affordable fashion. 

What inspired you to start your blog?

I started blogging because it was an activity that allowed me to combine my interests in economics, fashion, and artistic expression. My continued passion for those things keeps me motivated.

What is the overall focus of your blog or Instagram feed?

My blog and Instagram feed reflect three of my passions—affordable style, beauty, and photography.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

My style sensibility has been shaped by my Caribbean roots. I love vibrant colors and global prints on simple silhouettes.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

I was born and raised in St. Kitts, and that Eastern Caribbean region remains my favorite place to vacation. I can’t wait to wear my Lori Coulter swimsuit on my next trip there.

Favorite Fashion Quote (in my words)

All fashion rules are meant to be broken except one; namely, that clothing should always make you feel comfortable and confident.

vintage inspired swimsuit

Keep Your Swimsuits Looking New All Year October 27 2016

Fall is here and unless you have an exotic beach vacation planned, you’ll be packing away your swimsuits. It’s important to take care of your swimwear to make sure it lasts longer than just one season – whether you’ve spend $30 or $300 on it.

Keep your swimsuits looking their very best using our bikini expert tips to caring for your swimwear.

best bikini care


Chlorine, sunscreen, salt, and even your own body’s natural oils can stain swim fabrics overtime. Extend the life of your swimsuits by washing your suit after each wear.


Hand washing your swimwear takes a little longer than tossing it into the washing machine, but its definitely worth the time. Simply combine cold water and a small capful of gentle laundry detergent, then soak your swimsuit for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse and lay flat to dry. Traveling? Pack a mini travel-sized bottle for detergent, and hand wash in the sink.


Maintain the elasticity of your bikini separates by being gentle on its fabric. Easily avoid rubbing fabric against rough surfaces at the pool or beach by using a towel when witting. Also, there’s no need to wring out your bikini harshly for drying. Need your bikini dried quickly? Wrap it in a towel, squeezing lightly, then air dry.

swimsuit care


Avoid tossing your suit in the dryer – always air dry your swimwear! Too much heat causes fading and damage to the fabric. Let swimsuits dry using air only to keep them looking as vibrant as the day you bought it. 

#PutOnASwimsuit | With Blogger Champagne & Polka Dots October 07 2016

You may remember that not long ago we hosted a fun and interactive pool party, where we teamed with influencers and bloggers to encourage women to embrace their bodies, enjoy the summer, and to #putonaswimsuit. One of those bloggers was Jenna - aka Champagne & Polka Dots. Jenna is a St. Louis-area fashion and lifestyle blogger who was a not only a delight to work with, her blogger alias fit perfectly with our neutral polka dot print swim separates

custom bikini lori coulter

Jenna gave us some insight into the day-in-the-life of a blogger, her beach day essentials, and what joining #putonaswimsuit means to her. 

  • What inspired you to start your blog? My absolute love for fashion and getting dressed every day. If you look good, you feel good. Which is why I enjoy piecing together outfits for the day ahead and sharing them with others to help with someone else's self-confidence and inspire their #ootd. I would also really love to open my own shop someday, and I thought this would a great way to get my name and style out there before opening a storefront or online boutique. 
  • What is the overall focus of your blog or Instagram feed? My overall focus is elevating everyday pieces for the woman that wants to dress stylishly but spend consciously. I believe versatility is key in the items you keep in your closet and it's so fun to re-imagine ordinary pieces and put them to use in unexpected ways.
  • What is your "day job"? I work for my family's material handling manufacturing company, as the Marketing Manager. I work with my husband, dad, uncle, two brothers, and then two hundred other people! My mother is my best friend and I am lucky to be an auntie to eight awesome nieces and nephews! Also, my husband and I are puppy parents to a Doodle named Gus. He's a big 70-pound, puppy fur ball that thinks he's really a lap dog. 
  • The phone app I can't live without is... Google maps! I am always lost. No sense of direction here...
  • What are your beach must-have essentials? A great big beach bag, lots of SPF, sunnies and a sun hat! I have fair skin and burn easily, so if I do not apply at least 30 SPF every couple hours, you can count on me being a lobster. 
  • What is your favorite vacation destination? The Florida keys. It is so incredibly laid back and low-key on nearly every island, which makes it so easy to relax. It's a no-makeup, messy hair and swimsuit every-day kind of place, which I love. I also love boating and scuba diving and you just cant beat the water conditions there!
  • If you could bring your Lori Coulter swimsuit anywhere in the world, where would it be? The French Polynesian! My husband and I have a trip planned to Moorea in a few weeks and I can't wait to relax, hang on the beach and get in the crystal blue waters. We have been planning it for months now and I can't believe it's nearly here. :)

  •  How would you encourage women to #putonaswimsuit? Everyone has their own insecurities, but life is too short to not jump in and enjoy it with others around you! Swimsuits don't have to be a scary situation when they are properly fitted and accentuate your best features. You just gotta know what works best for your body and own it. Also, a great sarong always looks chic! 
  • What is one quote that represents or inspires you? Life is too short to let your insecurities keep you from enjoying life. 

The Best Swimsuits for Smaller Busts | Our Ultimate Swimwear Guide September 20 2016

When it comes to shopping for clothing, there are few things that can give women more anxiety than swimsuits. Finding the perfect suit - one that's designed for your figure - can go a long way towards feeling confident and comfortable enough to #putonaswimsuit. 

The key is using silhouette, proportion and fit - along with the principles of design to emphasize (and de-emphasize) where needed. Your body should be viewed in harmony with the swimsuit so that the garment will neither overwhelm or detract from your body (unless intentionally creating drama.)  

Luckily for you, our swim silhouettes have all figures and shapes covered, from curvier frames to athletic body types. Today we're focusing on small busts and the best swimwear styles for this common shape. Our latest swimwear edit includes flattering one-pieces, high-waisted styles, and barely there bikinis to help you find the best swimsuit style for your less endowed body type. 

The Deep Plunge

A deep V neckline actually looks most flattering on smaller busts because the "V"  suggests cleavage, and yet doesn't overly expose as it might on a fuller bust. Take the plunge in The Ann Plunge Shirred Maillot, that has an even more flattering shirred torso detailing and comes in nine colors. 

Go Bold 

Less endowed ladies can pull off most styles, regardless of how supportive the swimsuit style is. To add a bit of emphasis to what you do have, try our Polka Dot Longline Tankini or our Phoebe Ruffle Bikini Top.  


We love the use of white trim around a swimsuit piece because lighter hues have the effect of expansion, giving you a visual boost to your upper half. The Mindy Halter Bikini Top is great for your shape because the white contrast trim and v-neck shape flatter smaller bust sizes. Also, try wearing a brighter color on top than bottom to add fullness - it's all about using the elements and principles of design to create a pleasing proportion.  

Molded Cups

Our simple yet sophisticated Cambria Halter Bikini shapes the bust with added padding in just the right places and creates a fuller silhouette.  


Embrace the Beach | #PutOnASwimsuit August 11 2016

A client recently explained to me that she couldn’t buy a swimsuit, because she was at her “Puffy Weight”.  Ironically, she had one of those trim and fit forty-something bodies that makes most women green with envy.  Still, I couldn’t help but sympathize. 

Nothing is more frustrating to me than stepping on the scale and registering 5 lbs over my “Alarm Weight” (a term used by my college ex-boyfriend’s mother – I think she was hinting) which is 5 lbs over my “Goal Weight”.  Yes – if I am being honest with myself, I am at my “Puffy Weight” – for those of you who are counting, that’s 10 lbs beyond the arbitrary number in my head that I’ve deemed my ideal weight. 

In the past, I’ve gained my weight evenly from my face to my hips, but….this time is different, there seems to an unwelcome shift in my body proportions, with the vast majority of the additional 10 lbs located between my waist and lower thighs…Help!

As a swimwear designer, with the stated goal of helping women feel beautiful and confident in their swimwear, it frustrates me that even I would be self-conscious about my evolving body.  I strongly believe that women should not have to “earn” the right to wear a swimsuit, and that authentic personal style involves embracing our bodies (at whatever weight or age) and confidently enjoying life to its fullest. 

Easier said than done – I envy the women on the beach who embrace their inner diva no matter their age, size or shape and seem oblivious to the ideals of society.   I dread the thought of buying one size larger than last year, even though I rationally believe that healthy and happy is more important than thin.  Most importantly, I have made it my mission to help women feel more confident, comfortable and beautiful through excellent design, puffy weight or not! So, I'm encouraging all women to embrace the beach (or pool, or waterpark), and #putonaswimsuit! Bikini, swimshirt, or one-piece isn't important, as long as you stop missing out on your life's fun moments. 

And this weekend, I promise to #putonaswimsuit and to enjoy these last few days of summer! 


Behind the Scenes | Lori Coulter Pool Party July 18 2016

Lori Coulter has always designed swimwear with one thing in mind – to make feel women feel comfortable and confident in any swimwear piece they choose. Our design philosophy breathes confidence and wearability into every maillot, bikini, sun jacket and cover-up we create. We encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin and to #putonaswimsuit and enjoy life in this very moment.

Our past TRUE campaign was so successful in conveying our design philosophies that we decided to shoot another campaign with women from our very own local blogger community! We spent a ‘Sunday Funday’ at the historically chic Cheshire Hotel Pool with our dynamic group of St. Louis bloggers  – each enjoying the day in their hand-selected Lori Coulter Swim pieces. We hosted a pool party complete with refreshing summer cocktails, good music, and an irresistible inflatable Pegasus!

Check out our fun pool party snaps below – and follow our page on Facebook and Instagram as we reveal sweet discounts and preorder opportunities for each swim piece featured in our blogger photoshoot!

swimsuits on real women

Our group of amazing and talented bloggers and influencers!

Lori Coulter Swimwear Designers

Swimwear designer Lori Coulter and patternmaker Maggie Holper.

swimsuit influencer blogger

Photographer Elizabeth Wiseman captures all the fun onset! 

Swimwear design intern

Manuela is part swimwear design intern, part model for the day.

best retro style swim wear

 Pool parties need inflatables - like this magical Pegasus!

ruffle polka dot swim suit bikini

 No pool party is complete without colorful cocktails, served cabana-style. 

best vintage style bikini swim wear

Lori Coulter with our entire group of St. Louis-area bloggers. 

Want more behind-the-scenes action? Follow us on social to see it all!

Patriotic Pieces | 4th of July's Stylish Swimsuits July 01 2016

It's Summer '16, and whether you're hanging out at a backyard pool party or spending your holiday at the beach or a cozy lake house for America's Birthday this year, our vintage-inspired swimsuits will make sure you're displaying your patriotic pride in and out of the water, all summer long.

Celebrate the 4th of July in Stylish Stripes! 

retro style swimwear

Mix and match our swim separates to create the perfect 4th of July bikini. If you're looking for a bit more classic coverage, our collection of one-piece suits feature retro-inspired details and just a hint of a full-retro cut leg, giving you a sportier vibe that's perfect for Independence Day pool parties.

retro style one piece lori coulter

 Where are you wearing your Lori Coulter Swim this summer? Share your #loricoulterswim style with us by tagging us on social media! We'd love to see how you wear your Lori Coulter Swim!

Beach Bound | Tropical Honeymoon Packing List Essentials June 08 2016

A honeymoon vacation is an once-in-a-lifetime experience for a newlywed couple, and during an already busy wedding planning process, it can be easy to let our packing list fall by the wayside.

To ensure your honeymoon is as blissful (and stress-free!) as possible, we’re sharing our best beach essentials for an unforgettable honeymoon experience in the tropics!

Tropical Romance

Continue the wedding day romance in our Ruffle Bikini Top in Avorio. Featuring a double adjustment back hook and tie neck, it’s a versatile bikini top that easily pairs with our mix and match bottoms. Looking for a romantic island to honeymoon on? Jamaica is sometimes called the "island of love". 

Excursion Bound

Bringing a little excitement to your honeymoon with an action-packed excursion day-trip? Pack our Three Color Chevron Sun Jacket with UPF 50+ protection to make sure you and your newlywed glow stays sun-safe while you’re enjoying an exotic experience. Plus, you’re wedding budget will thank you, because this top is on sale now!

Bringing Sexy Back (and front!)

Our Plunge Shirred Maillot in Avorio brings sexy details to an ultra-versatile one-piece swimsuit. With a shirred wrap torso and plunging neckline, you can relax in the comfort of a one-piece style, with the sexy details of a bikini. We love St. Lucia for sunset cruises, beach-side dining, and waterfall hikes. 


Visiting Cuba: What you Need to Know May 23 2016

Havana Street

Cuba is the most fashionable hot spot for Summer 2016, which has already seen a Karl Lagerfeld's 2017 Chanel Resort Show held at Paseo Del Prado in Havana, and high-profile visit by the Kardashian family. Recently restored diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States have led to an influx of American jetsetters, following Cuba's first visit by a sitting U.S. President in nearly a century and a free outdoor concert by the Rolling Stones held just last month, on March 25th. 

Our swimwear design team can’t get enough of the country’s colorful facades, retro-style classic cars, and lively architecture. It's an idyllic setting for our current swimwear styles, featuring vintage-inspired details. 

To prepare you for departure, we're sharing our key travel tips to make your visit to Cuba smooth and memorable, saving you some precious vacation time.

  • If you’re going to Cuba, you’ll need cash. The island nation operates on two currencies – Cuban convertibles (CUC’s) and pesos, and your plastic won’t work at most places. Do you have any euros or Canadian dollars left over from a previous trip? Bring these along with you. You’ll get a better exchange rate than you will with U.S. dollars. 

  • U.S. tourists’ visits to Cuba are supposed to be focused on interacting with Cubans, not just lounging on the beach, according to the U.S. government’s recently relaxed regulations. So, while it’s unclear how the government is checking, you are required to engage in “people-to-people” interactions for eight hours a day during your visit. 

  • The best beaches to visit while there? Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena. Just don’t forget to pack a classically cool swimsuit to go with vintage-style restaurant nearby. 

  • Traveling independently? Don’t drive. There are no lights on Cuban roads, and you’re likely to happen come across rough roads, donkey carts, and wild pigs. Instead, consider hiring a car and driver – which will likely be a 50’s style classic car. 

  • Internet connections across the island can be spotty, so download an offline app that works with your smartphone’s GPS. 

  • Bring your own snorkel gear and sun shirt, so you can experience some of the most pristine reefs in the Caribbean.

  • Be prepared for heat and humidity by dressing casually. Pack comfortable and versatile pieces you can wear multiple times during your trip. 

  • Carry a copy of your travel insurance, and make sure your required tourist card is included in your flight or travel package. 

  • Restaurants tend to be small, and get busy after 8:00 p.m. A recommended favorite? El Figaro Bar and Restaurant, in Havana.

  • Planning on bringing home cigars for friends and family? That’s great, just don’t forget that you can legally bring back $100 worth. Keep your receipts to show any customs officials.

Now, you're ready to relax in Cuban style! Share your travel experiences with our team. We'd love to hear your unique vacation experiences. 

The Perfect Little Black Swimsuit April 20 2016

A new exhibit just opened at the St. Louis History Museum called The Little Black Dress: From Mourning to Night.

It traces the history of the little black dress from it's early roots as strictly funeral wear, to the wardrobe staple it is today. By showcasing the dresses of Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Geoffrey Beene- just to name a few- the exhibit provides a visual history of the evolution of the LBD.

The museum portrays the LBD as timeless, elegant and sophisticated. The exhibit got us thinking about black in the world of swimwear. Specifically, that as much as we invent and reinvent swimsuits, there is something about the simple elegance of a black swimsuit that never gets old. If you find yourself in the St. Louis-metropolitan area, walking around the exhibit is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

In the mean time, you can satiate your LBD craving with these favorite LBS (Little Black Suits!)

the anastasia ruffle maillotroxanne bandeau bikini

Want a little more coverage? We even have a swimwear appropriate LBD!


Our Swim-Style Guide to Vegas April 11 2016

Las Vegas might be best known for it’s gambling, but its pool party scene is a close second. Rivaled by nowhere else on earth, the parties at the Vegas Pools are reason in themselves to hit up Sin City.  Each with their own ambiance and selling points, here are a list of some of our favorites. And, of course, what swim style to wear while there.


The Delano Beach Club – The Delano Beach Club opens in early April and is part of the new Delano Resort. Modeled after it’s South Beach namesake, this venue is a little more laid back than others you’ll come across on the Strip. Here, pool goers can get a section of sand to themselves and relax while playing with the submerged chess board and listening to the DJ’s tunes. Pack our Mindy Bikini to ensure you are both stylish and sophisticated poolside.

The Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay – If relaxation is what your after, this is your spot. Twelve foot daybeds flank the pool and elevated cabanas let you take in the scene from above.  And you might need that view to take in this “toptional” pool - its European-style sunbathing if you choose. Our Marcella Two Color V Bikini is the perfect suit for the Moorea, but only you can decide how much of it to wear...

The Palazzo and Venetian Pools - Ease into summer at the spectacular Palazzo or Venetian Pools. This is where the A-Listers go to keep a low profile. There’s music, but not too offensively loud that you couldn’t also enjoy a massage from the esteemed Canyon Ranch Spa in one of the many pool side cabanas. Munch on frozen grapes and fresh fruit and stay cool thanks to Evian water mistings and chilled towels. What to wear? Our Roxanne Bikini, in any one of its many color options, is perfect.

The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard and Bamboo Pools - The multi level Boulevard Pool has a great view of the strip and plenty of food and drink to go around. Try a bloody mary and sip into the evening when the ultimate outdoor concert venue will give you a second wind.  If you really want full relaxation, book a bungalow at the Bamboo Pool and sample the revitalizing spa offerings. Bring along our color block Monroe Bikini for an updated take on a classic look.

The Wynn and Encore Resort Pools - The Beach Club at Encore features one of the biggest bashes in Vegas. With Popular DJ’s, entertainers by the pool and themed parties on “recess Fridays” get a ticket early for this raucous bash. It features 26 cabanas each stocked with refrigerator, flat screen TV and plush daybeds. If you’re feeling extra fancy, rent one of eight VIP bungalows…with infinity dipping pool and a wonderful view of the strip from your private balcony. Stand out at this can't-miss pool party in our Tabitha V Halter Bikini in Red. For a more refined day at the pool, the Wynn Pool offers sophisticated elegance and a spa-like atmosphere where our white Ann Plunge One-Piece is sure to turn heads. There really is something for everyone!