Embrace the Beach | #PutOnASwimsuit August 11 2016

A client recently explained to me that she couldn’t buy a swimsuit, because she was at her “Puffy Weight”.  Ironically, she had one of those trim and fit forty-something bodies that makes most women green with envy.  Still, I couldn’t help but sympathize. 

Nothing is more frustrating to me than stepping on the scale and registering 5 lbs over my “Alarm Weight” (a term used by my college ex-boyfriend’s mother – I think she was hinting) which is 5 lbs over my “Goal Weight”.  Yes – if I am being honest with myself, I am at my “Puffy Weight” – for those of you who are counting, that’s 10 lbs beyond the arbitrary number in my head that I’ve deemed my ideal weight. 

In the past, I’ve gained my weight evenly from my face to my hips, but….this time is different, there seems to an unwelcome shift in my body proportions, with the vast majority of the additional 10 lbs located between my waist and lower thighs…Help!

As a swimwear designer, with the stated goal of helping women feel beautiful and confident in their swimwear, it frustrates me that even I would be self-conscious about my evolving body.  I strongly believe that women should not have to “earn” the right to wear a swimsuit, and that authentic personal style involves embracing our bodies (at whatever weight or age) and confidently enjoying life to its fullest. 

Easier said than done – I envy the women on the beach who embrace their inner diva no matter their age, size or shape and seem oblivious to the ideals of society.   I dread the thought of buying one size larger than last year, even though I rationally believe that healthy and happy is more important than thin.  Most importantly, I have made it my mission to help women feel more confident, comfortable and beautiful through excellent design, puffy weight or not! So, I'm encouraging all women to embrace the beach (or pool, or waterpark), and #putonaswimsuit! Bikini, swimshirt, or one-piece isn't important, as long as you stop missing out on your life's fun moments. 

And this weekend, I promise to #putonaswimsuit and to enjoy these last few days of summer!